Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ship of ...

I was away for a week, so I missed the letter to the editor sent by the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce Board, and the Seaside Chamber Board, against the recall of Commissioners Samuelson, Roberts and Hazen.

Nobody says it out loud, it seems, but being against the recall is the same as being for LNG. These commissioners are being recalled because they refuse to listen to the voters who put them in office, and are pushing forward to have LNG terminals built on the Columbia River, which is against the will of the people (as shown in the pipeline referendum).

What I can't figure out is: No. 1, why the hell do the Chambers of Commerce think they have the right to try to tell people what to do in regard to local political decisions; and No. 2, are the chamber boards really that stupid, or have they been bought?

I mean, aside from the obvious idiocy of putting LNG tanks anywhere near a major subduction zone, LNG on the river would destroy the tourist industry in this area, and Astoria businesses (and members of the chamber) are increasingly dependent on tourism. I suppose Seaside doesn't care, because the LNG tanks won't be visible from there if they are built.

I, for one, would like to know which businesses support the chamber boards' stance against the recall, so I can be sure to not shop at their establishments again. And so much for my thoughts of joining the chamber - they don't represent what I want for the future any more than the commissioners under recall do.

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Anonymous said...

One could ask who the hell does the Daily Astorian think it is by slanting all of its articles against LNG? Personally I think Forrester drew his own line in the sand over the Marquis issue a few years back and has opposed anything the Commissioners have been for ever since. Maybe you have been turned as well because of the who signs your pay checks.

Elleda said...

What I think about LNG and the Columbia River has nothing to do with the Daily A, and never did. I think this whole LNG thing stinks, and did so for years before I even worked there.

And ... At least I say what I think without hiding behind being anonymous.

Elleda said...

Anonymous comments will no longer be allowed. Have the courage of your convictions.

Jim said...

You go Elleda and don't let the LNG thugs discourage you from your freedom of speech or their grumblings that most of the county doesn't agree with them.
The LNG thing does stink...from the under the table deals, to all the money being passed around, to the sad fact that there is simply no market for foreign natural gas so the chances of any of these projects ever being built are between nil and zero.
Even sadder is the fact that our food banks need money and instead the county is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers to cover their butts. A lot of ill feelings are being generated by people like Bradwood and Oregon LNG who were not here 5 years ago and will be gone when the golden goose turns out to be illusory.
Keep up the good fight!

Elleda said...

Thanks, Jim.

You're right on the money. Their behavior and comments are thuggish, indeed, and show a distinct lack of rational thought.

Thanks for speaking up.