Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sold Down the River

Our Clatsop County Commissioners' move to sell their constituents down the river with the 4-1 decision in favor of NorthernStar's Bradwood Landing LNG project, and a letter about the situation by Ned Heavenrich, inspired Marc Auerbach to create the new, more accurate Clatsop County Seal, above.

The dead salmon, dollar signs and "For Sale" sign say it all, but the LNG tanks are a nice touch, too.

A pal of mine mentioned that the other day she saw one of the county commissioners recently, at a local restaurant, writing with a Bradwood Landing pen. The commissioner was utterly oblivious to what people would think, and I'd wager my friend wasn't the only one who noticed.

Incidents like that, and all of the ex parte conversations witnessed by many ... Gee whizzikers and oh my golly, do you think there's a whole lot more to the county commissioners/NorthernStar connection than meets the eye? Surely I'm not the only one who wonders why there isn't an official, and thorough, investigation.

Something smells mighty bad in Clatsop County, and it ain't the fish.

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Anonymous said...

It's been a sad situation, hasn't it? A moment that left a real imprint on me was at the Commissioners' meeting on the 8th when Georgia Marincovich gave a very articulate and moving testimony and noticing that Ann Samuelson did not one time honor her with eye contact. Pat Roberts may have glanced at her and the 3 men did appear to be listening. I am hoping that the recall process happens soon, it's a travesty to have our elected officials turn their backs on the will of the people who voted for them. Dirk Rhone deserves much respect for not only asking important questions, but in representing his constituents. We've got some real work ahead of us. Thanks for you post.

Elleda said...

You're right about Dirk Rohne. He stood his ground, and was the sole voice of reason. I am grateful we have one good commissioner.

Several people have mentioned the eye-contact issue to me. Not just with Georgia Marincovich, but with others. It's quite unsettling. What does it mean? I can only speculate.

Perhaps, as you mention, there will be recalls. It certainly wouldn't be a surprise if that happened. But I still think there should be an investigation, as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking truth to power.
The last commission meeting looked like something Georrge Orwell wrote about. It is time for those people who are fed up with the arrogance of Richard Lee's pals to speak up.

Elleda said...

I admit to being delighted that recalls are under way. Commissioners who not only ignore, but have the temerity to out and out defy the majority of their constituents, don't belong in office.

I certainly relate to the Orwell reference in that this seems like some sort of nightmare, with local government gone berserk.

I only hope that the voters in the two districts involved will not only come in droves to sign the petitions, but if the petitions succeed, take it to the next level and go out in force again, and vote to recall the offenders.