Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Several flew over the cuckoo's nest

Yikes. Some wing nut over at wing nut central, NorthCoastOregon.com, thinks I'm using pseudonyms such as CDG (which stands for what, I wonder?) and posting "LIES" (what lies?) all over the Internet. Like I have the time to bother with such nonsense, much less the inclination.

Patrick McGee has been accused of the same silliness. I bet he's as baffled as I am. By the way, Pat, thanks for the kind words in my defense.

So here you have it for the record: I'm not CDG. My opinions are right out there in the open, and always have been.

I am against LNG for more reasons than are worth articulating yet again, so I'll just re-state one, for the moment: It is simply idiotic to put LNG tanks in an active subduction zone.

Three county commissioners need to be recalled before they can do any more damage by pandering to outside interests and ignoring their constituents. That may or may not happen. We'll see about two of them tonight.

Once again, for clarity, since some seem to be a bit dense on this particular issue: These are solely my opinions. I do not represent anyone or anything but myself.

Wing nuts: Don't bother to post any of your loony, vicious "Anonymous" comments and rants. I won't publish them on my blog - you're not going to get an audience for your hate-mongering here. Go shit in your own cuckoo's nest.

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