Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dancing on a String

Just in case you're wondering who's pulling several of the Clatsop County Commissioners' strings:

From The Daily Astorian, July 8, 2009, by Cassandra Profita, about today's Clatsop County Commission hearing on NorthernStar's liquefied natural gas project, remanded back to the commission by the Land Use Board of Appeals:

"The disagreements reached a crescendo toward the end of the afternoon, when NorthernStar attorney Ed Sullivan told [elected] county commissioners that their job in addressing the LUBA remand was not to do what 'the clappers' told them to do, referring to the [LNG] opponents in the audience.

"'Your job is to apply your own plan,' he said. 'You're not here to apply the will of the people.'"

Sure sounds like an terse reminder to the commissioners to continue to ignore the wishes of their constituents, doesn't it?

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