Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pier 11 has No Peer

Pier 11, at the bottom of 11th Street in Astoria, Oregon, is a grand place to go.

Yes, Pier 11 has the drink meister, Rich (aka Nacho Biznezz), but you know what else it has? Great, affordable food ... not to mention views to die for while you're noshing.

My son's mother-in-law, Yvonne, came up for her first visit to Astoria in May. We had a wonderful visit, wandering all over the North Coast and Long Beach Peninsula. Her last night in town, we went to Pier 11 and had the prime rib while sitting at one of the riverfront windows. I don't know what was better - the view or the prime rib. And it was a good chunk of beef and yummy- I actually had to take some home, which is rare.

Speaking of rare, I'm one of those barbarians who likes beef beyond rare. When I was visiting in Kansas, and tried to explain to the waitress how I wanted my steak cooked, she said, "You mean slap it on the ass and walk it by the stove?" Yes.

In June, a long-time close friend, Jasmine, came to visit Astoria for the first time. Of course, we went to Pier 11. This time I had the spinach salad. I don't think I can rave enough about it, so I'll simply say: spinach, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, killer dressing.

The artichoke dip is great, too.

And shame on me for almost forgetting to mention it, there's a happy hour menu. My other half was gaga over the cheeseburger, and he's a fussy guy when it comes to cheeseburgers.

I have only one complaint: butt-buster bar chairs. Let's just say I have ample padding, but even so, it ain't enough. Somebody please have mercy and put some nice, comfy chairs at the bar!

Anyone "of a certain age" will know what I mean: a swivel chair with a padded seat, padded back, and a foot rest - all conducive to relaxing and chatting in a good bar with a great view.

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