Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mr. Lee

"One, two, three, look at Mr. Lee
Three, four, five, look at him jive"

The Bobettes sang that many years ago, but it keeps bouncing through my head lately.

In today's mail was the postcard pictured above. The No. 1 box gives you three choices: I would support the recall of Richard Lee; I would oppose the recall of Richard Lee; and I am undecided at this time.

The No. 2 box asks the yes or no question: Is there a chance you would change your mind?

It's already postage paid, and suggests that you "Please return immediately" to Hoffman Research Group in Portland. Just try finding them on Google, and you'll send yourself on a merry chase to nowhere. So who the hell are they, really?

The only thing at all about them is a thread of a discussion on BlueOregon: Hoffman Research Group

I expect these people are the same ones responsible for the ugly telemarketing push-polls that have been going on lately, trying to convince people to vote "no" on Lee's recall.

Well, you know what? I'll return the damn card, just to let them know my mind can't be changed. Not that I needed further convincing, but that poll-card was the final blow. It's offensive they would even ask if my mind could be changed.

The recall is soon upon us. When Lee gets recalled, it just might scare the pants off the other three commissioners who kowtow and follow obediently in his wake.

It's probably too much to hope for that the Muddled Three would start thinking about LNG with their heads instead of their asses, and listen to their staff and their constituents, but hope springs eternal.

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Elleda said...

Whoops - while I was removing a rather vitriolic and somewhat threatening anonymous comment, I removed another comment too, by mistake.

Apparently the Lee postcards do come from the same place as the push-polls that were phoning people and trying to sway them to vote against the recall.

Somebody's spending a lot of money.

Patrick McGee said...

Hoffman is a subsidiary of Tim Nashif's Gateway Communications,the telephone Push Poll Originator by all accounts, itself, involved in its own shdy dealings with another of is subs, some kind of non profit marraige protect organization.

Google up Gateway Communications, Portland that might give you an overview.

THartill said... you work at the Daily Astorian?

Elleda said...

Yes. And I am not a reporter. A lot of people work there, for heaven's sake. It doesn't mean we can't have our own views.

And no, I don't agree with the paper on everything.

Elleda said...

Thanks, Patrick.

Patrick McGee said...

Yes. And I am not a reporter. A lot of people work there, for heaven's sake. It doesn't mean we can't have our own views.

Same criticism Jennifer Bunch with Clatsop County is getting from the Anti-Recall Element.

Next you will be accused of being a "Mole" infiltrating NCO.

Elleda said...

Geez, Patrick, in the present weird and paranoid atmosphere in town, I guess anything is possible.

THartill said...

Nothing against you, I just thought you didn't until I read the rant that was deleted (I would of deleted something like that also)

I don't even care if you are a reporter....I have had friendly conversations with 3 of the reporters on staff and will again next time I see them.

And what are you talking about Patrick? What is there to "infiltrate"?

Patrick McGee said...

Just kidding Tryan.
You know that.

Elleda said...

Okay, Tryan. But I don't see where I work has any relevance, anyway. These are strictly my own personal opinions.

THartill said...

I don't think it matters. But that comment was on your page for a very long time so many people read it. And the whole basis of it was that you worked for the Daily A which I thought was false.

I'm sure you have your own opinions...IIRC you were against the DA Stipend, so I know you don't agree on everything.

But you have to admit that they are getting out of hand as of late on some of their front page stories. That Lee Justice Dept story has to be the most unethical piece of journalism ever printed.

THartill said...

I'm sure you have your own opinions...IIRC you were against the DA Stipend, so I know you don't agree on everything.

I guess I was thinking of Astorianna....had my Sunday market people mixed up....

Elleda said...

Certainly you don't expect me to comment about what is or is not in the paper.

I have nothing whatsoever to do with editorial policy, and that's just fine with me.

Just think of me as working at Safeway. Enough, already.

Rich said...

Hoffman research group:

It won't do much good to figure out who the Hoffman Research Group is, however, they're just a polling company who makes calls and sends postcards for whoever pays them to do so. They do seem to be slanted towards Republicans.

Elleda said...

Thanks, Rich. Interesting site. A little scary and Big Brotherish, but interesting.