Friday, March 07, 2008

Ain't They Grand

A new pal of mine, Angel, is an incredibly talented illustrator who lives in Spain. He was asking about houses in Astoria, and was interested in all the bright colors, thinking he might like to draw one. Which made me think, yet again, about how wonderful and quirky the houses here are.

They're fascinating to look at just whizzing by when driving around. But from a walking point of view, they're downright amazing, since you have the time to stop, look, and admire.

Even the decrepit ones are fun, because I immediately go into "if I had a zillion dollars" mode, and think about all the things I would do to fix it up, sparing no expense in the restoration, of course.

Just about everyone I've talked to would love to get their hands on the "other" Flavel house, the bitch empress of "fixer-uppers."Anyway, I was going to walk the dog and take some photos of houses for Angel. But it was raining, and not being fond of dealing with large wet dogs, I drove around in the drizzle, opened the car window and shot photos of interesting and/or colorful houses. Just for the hell of it.

And it was hugely entertaining, even tho some of the photos have visible raindrop splotches on them. The important part of the deal is that this was an exercise in fun, not something I "had" to shoot, so rain splotches don't count.

Anyway, what here's what I came up with on my first foray:
Astoria House Adventure 1

I know, I know, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface as far as interesting houses go here in town. I'm thinking of making it a "mission" to go around taking photos of intriguing and/or colorful houses. Again, just for the hell of it. Might be fun. Today's venture sure was.

Click here to see Elleda's photography at the Astoria Photografpix web site


Daryl Moore said...

Lots of Victorian and Queen Anne styles...where's the Cape Cod homes? Looks like you drove right by our place since you got two of our neighbors!

Love the homes here, too. Would make a great coffee table photo book.

Elleda said...

Hey Daryl ...

Well, my Spanish illustrator pal wanted Victorians (or that era) to draw, that's why the limited selection. I'll probably go out and do that again, it was fun.

Yes, it probably would make a good coffee table book ... but think of removing all those phone lines. Argh!!!!

Jen said...

Hey, where have you been? I miss you and your blog posts!

nootka said...

Great pics! I used to drive my grandma around town when she came out just to peek at the houses.
She loved it.
Yes, there are way too many that are sadly rundown.

Elleda said...

Hi Jen ...

Sorry, been getting ready for the Sunday Market, which I have a feeling is an exercise in futility. Don't think there will BE much of a market, what with gas prices and the lack of confidence in the new manager I've been hearing rumbling about.


Any time someone comes to town, I drive them all around to see the old houses. Even run down, they are amazing. Sure wish they could be fixed up, tho, but know the expense would be staggering.

Sweeti said...

Hi Elleda, I'm still popping in to check on your blog and you. Hope your summer has been great. Looking forward to more posts from you.

Elleda said...

Thanks, Sweeti, for checking back. I hope to get going blogging regularly again sometime soon.

Mom of Three said...

I love your description of the "other" Flavel House. I've spoken with an architect and she said that that house has maybe ten years left standing in its current state. If you walk by, you can see daylight peeking through the hole in the roof at the very top, which means the dorks have water running all through their house.

Do you have a local photog group and, if so, how does one join?

Elleda said...

Hi Momof3,

I'm amazed there's 10 years left in the place!

Sorry, don't know of any photo club around. Strange that there isn't, now that you mention it.