Friday, February 08, 2008

Ol' Man Winter

My pal Margot from Kansas was here for most of December, and into a bit of January. Strangely enough, after living through decades of wicked Kansas winters, the entire time she was visiting, she complained about being chilled to the marrow.

She spent a great deal of her time here wrapped in sweaters and blankets, parked by an electric fireplace.

In today's email, after mentioning that not so long ago the temperature hit -20, she said, "I really have cabin fever. Monday the fog was terrible ... the fog never really lifted so I couldn't drive ... It began to snow and rain and sleet Tuesday morning. There was also wind. By this morning my car was buried under three foot drifts. I think the actual snow fall was about a foot. I think I will be able to go to the office tomorrow."

I was brought up in New England, where the temps would often hit -20 in the winter. It ain't no picnic, and we won't even go into what happens to your face and nose when you walk outside when it's that cold.

Oregon winters at the coast sure seem very mild to me. Yet she thinks OUR weather is unspeakable? Go figure.

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