Saturday, March 24, 2007

Astoria Rant

Well, I've been quiet a long time now. But several things have happened in the last few weeks that have got me seriously pissed off. In fact, I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll start with my chronic and ongoing rant, this LNG mess, which just won't seem to go away.

Just ask Boston Mayor Thomas Menino what he thinks about LNG tankers going into Boston harbor:

Study Backs Up Mayor's LNG Tanker Concerns

Are Ships Natural Gas "Bomb Boats?"

Is this what you want to see going by on the Columbia (photo below)? Yes, that huge orange blob is the LNG tanker, dwarfing the condo complex it's passing.

An LNG tanker passed by condominiums in Charlestown on its way out of Boston Harbor. Mayor Thomas M. Menino has declared the LNG shipments too dangerous to continue. (Boston Globe Staff Photo / David L. Ryan)

I know I mentioned it last time, but it's something else nobody seems to consider: Let's not forget the Cascadia Subduction Zone. When the tectonic plates do their thing, and the inevitable tidal wave and earthquake hit, those gas tanks will be goners. Don't you think we'll have enough to worry about without having to also consider being blown up and/or barbequed?

Okay, that's my LNG rant of the moment. But I won't be done ranting on that problem until the powers-that-be finally grow a brain and make it go away.

The next item on my hit list is condos on the waterfront. Another greed-grab like LNG, just locally based. And that's the thing that gets me the most ... it's not some outside consortium, it's LOCALS who want to line their pockets and ruin the waterfront views for all of us, their neighbors. I don't know what's more maddening - that it's being done by locals or that it's being allowed to happen at all. Thirty years from now this place is going to look like Marina Del Rey in California. No, that is NOT a compliment.

My final rant of the moment is illegal aliens. I used to live in L.A. where illegal aliens have reached astronomical levels, to the point where they have disrupted the entire economy. And those poor morons in L.A. like to feel warm and fuzzy, so they keep pouring tax money on the illegals, making the problem worse by attracting even more of them.

I see that warm and fuzzy crap going on up here now, too, and frankly, it's very disturbing. It starts with the coddling, and the wanting to protect the illegals from the big bad immigration service (who every now and then actually decides to do its job), with everyone forgetting one simple thing ... they are here ILLEGALLY, and they are breaking the law. So simple, but so hard for so many to figure out.

Anyway, I digress. The problem of illegals in L.A. ties in directly with the Mexican mafia, which essentially controls the recreational drug supply in L.A. And what did we have here the other day? Yup, a big drug bust. And coincidentally, what nationality were the perpetrators? Oh, take a wild guess.

I have no doubt that the long arm of the Mexican mafia is up here to check out new and fertile ground for some hefty sales. One thing I had to laugh about is the estimated street-value of the drugs the cops recovered in the raid ... all I can say is, they don't have even the smallest clue of the real street value if the figure quoted in the paper is correct. Check it out in the Daily Astorian:

Astoria Drug Bust

Before anyone goes nuts calling me racist, blah blah, let me make this very clear: I've got no problem whatsoever with people of any nationality who go thru the hoops, do the right thing, and come here legally. But I have a BIG problem with illegals, and for whatever reason, the preponderance of them seem to be Hispanic. They use services they are not entitled to (that WE pay for) and act as though they are entitled. Illegal immigration is a festering boil on the ass of society wherever it happens. And it's starting to happen HERE.

I don't want this scenario to happen here in Astoria: When I first moved to L.A. from New England, I finally found an apartment in the San Fernando Valley. As I was moving in, the daughter of the manager (who spoke no English) came up to me and said, translating for her mother, "So, when are you going to learn Spanish?" Huh? I was astounded that I was EXPECTED to learn Spanish. I replied, "Excuse the hell out of me, but we are in America, and this is an English-speaking country. If I ever go to YOUR country, I'll learn Spanish." Hint, hint.

Why is this too much to expect: If you want to come here, learn the damn language, and come here LEGALLY. Okay, rant over. That drug bust just set me off - it's a marker for what's really going on up here behind the scenes.

Oh well, I must get ready for the Sunday Market season. Back to wrestling with PhotoShop.

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