Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ruptured Easter Egg Epiphany in Astoria

I've had a lot on my mind lately, what with the new market season coming up.

Changing the store-room piled high and wide with boxes into a matting studio. Forty tupperware containers later ... check. Cross that one off the list.

Getting the sub-basement cleared out to make more storage for the aforementioned tupperware containers. Haul out old stove, and assorted garbage, etc. Put in a sub-floor. Check all those off the list, too.

Update my own photo biz website (Astoria Photografpix). Update the North Coast Vendors Association website (here it is). Check and check, and I'm still dreaming in HTML code.

Get all my stuff off an old laptop I'm selling, and reinstalling goodies in the new owner's name. Check.

Okay, so tonight, to relax a little, I thought what the hell, I'll make some deviled eggs, my one consession to Easter tomorrow. Unfortunately, while I was boiling the eggs, I was also working on an Excel spreadsheet of my photo inventory. The smell of burning boiling eggs is really quite interesting, at least enough so to distract me from my spreadsheet. Or maybe it was the exploding egg that blasted off out of the pot like a misguided missle that caught my attention.

Anyway, I was able to salvage most of the mess, and decided perhaps egg salad was a better bet, so I chopped celery, and onions, and did all that egg salad stuff, but the salad was in too big a bowl, and I had to find a smaller container.

This brought about my epiphany of the day. I had the large container of egg salad, with the smaller container next to it. As I was puzzling over which utensil would work best to DOWNLOAD the salad from one bowl to the other, I actually caught myself. Download???

Omigod. It MUST be time to go to bed.

Astoria Photografpix

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